The Walking Dead: Isolation (4×03)

Synopsis: The fallout from a heinous crime threatens to tear the group apart. As more people come down with the mysterious sickness, a run is coordinated to get badly needed medicine.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Rick, Tyreese, Daryl, and Carol are surveying the scene that the last episode closed on. Tyreese is uncontrollably upset and yelling at Rick to do his job as a cop and bring the murderer to him. Daryl tries to calm him down and is slammed into the fence for his efforts before Tyreese lets him go and attacks Rick. He manages to land two punches before Rick retaliates. Carol and Daryl have to pull him off of Tyreese.

Hershel is tasked with fixing up Rick’s hand while they talk about Rick being okay. He tries to draw Rick out of his shell by talking about falling off the wagon and the responsibilities and pressures that come with being in charge. Meanwhile, beaten and bloodied Tyreese is out manically digging the graves for David and Karen. Bob tries to talk him into getting some medical help, but he refuses and Bob ultimately picks up a shovel to help Tyreese dig.

Glenn talks to Hershel, hoping that none of them will get it, but those hopes are dashed as they see Sasha coughing and struggling to walk. She tells them she’s going to see the doctor, that she’ll be okay. When she gets there, she finds a lot of people coughing up blood in cellblock A. All he can tell her is that they have to tell them it’s starting.

Everyone's getting a little stir-crazy...
Exhibit A that everyone’s getting a little stir-crazy…

At another council meeting, Glenn looks a little bit sick and Michonne is there with the rest of the council. Daryl and Michonne plan to go to the vet hospital about thirty miles away to get medical supplies. Hershel suggests that the young are the most vulnerable and should be separated out from the group. They talk about the very old and it is determined that they should be separated out as well.

Out in the yard, Carol encourages Rick to talk to Tyreese. He eventually does go over to Tyreese to apologize and Tyreese encourages him again to find out who did this. Rick thinks they might have been killed in an attempt to stop the spread of the flu, telling Tyreese that Sasha is sick now too. With Rick waffling over getting the justice that Tyreese wants, he gets upset again and tells Rick he’ll be the one to worry about what is “right” and storms off.

While Daryl loads up the car, he tells Michonne that he’s glad she’s back with the group instead of running off again. The two of them, as well as Bob, are going on the run, but they need one more person. Daryl finds Tyreese near cellblock A and the sick people, claiming that someone needs to stand watch. Daryl fails to convince him to go on the run with them.

Exhibit B, crazy eyes... er, eye.
Exhibit B, crazy eyes… er, eye.

Inside the quarantined area, Hershel prepares to leave when Carl stops him. After arguing for a bit, Carl ends up going into the woods with Hershel. Outside the prison fence, Carl is keeping watch while Hershel collects berries. Carl comes across a ransacked campsite and they see a walker almost grown into the tree, unable to move. A dead girl who stepped into a trap of some kind slowly makes their way towards them while Hershel remarks that it was so peaceful. Carl agrees, but says it can’t be like that all the time and they return to the prison.

Carol is putting people into the sickbay area in cellblock A. Jeanette tries to tell her it’s just allergies, but Carol sends her ass in there anyway. Unfortunately, Lizzie is also sick and must go inside – with a knife. She asks Carol to come tuck her in, but Carol says Glenn is in quarantine and is the best tucker around. Carol hugs her before shutting her in. Elsewhere, Beth is in the quarantine with all the children while Maggie is just outside it. She makes a small attempt to comfort her because of Glenn’s sickness.

I really love the zombies this season.
I really love the zombies this season.

Tyreese is outside of the sickbay and speaking to Sasha, who is inside and in the execution chamber. He’s crying and she’s trying to comfort him about Karen’s death before leaving her. He finally volunteers to go on the run with them. While getting ready, he asks Carol to check on Sasha for him while he’s gone. She tells him she’s sorry about Karen and he leaves. As soon as he is gone, Carol throws her bucket of water and kicks over a large barrel of water in burst of anger.

Maggie sees Hershel out of quarantine and he explains that he can bring everyone’s fevers down. He went out into the woods and collected elderberries, a natural flu remedy, because Caleb is too sick to do anything for the other sick people. Rick also tries to convince Hershel not to go, but ultimately Hershel has a whole speech about saving lives and risking lives, ending in Maggie opening the door for him and allowing him into cellblock A. When she breaks the news to Beth, she’s not very surprised. All she can say to Maggie about it is that “we all got jobs to do.” She claims they don’t get to get upset, but she’s still silently upset.

Hershel on his mission to get elderberry tea to everyone.
Hershel on his mission to get elderberry tea to everyone.

Rick is investigating the scene where Karen and David were burned and notices some blood on the door frame. Elsewhere, Carol is out trying to fix the waterline outside of the prison fences. She’s distracting the zombies with a spinning noisemaker, but it doesn’t work very effectively. The zombies begin to notice her as Rick realizes she’s gone outside to fix the line alone. Rick is running towards her and ultimately has to shoot some of the zombies to keep her safe. Her first knife gets stuck in a zombie’s head and she has to leave it. When she gets back safely, Rick tells her they had decided to fix that tomorrow, but she walks off telling him she didn’t know if they’d get a tomorrow.

In the car on the medicine run are Daryl, Bob, Michonne, and Tyreese. Daryl tells Michonne that he knows she wasn’t running off, but the trail for the Governor went cold, so there’s no real reason to leave so often for so long. While he’s playing with the radio, they catch snippets of voices broadcasting. It mentions bits and pieces about sanctuary and keeping alive. With the distraction, he pulls a Lori and drives right into a monstrous herd. Daryl tries to back up over some zombies, but they get stuck and have to bail out of the car.

As the camera panned back, this was the "OH SHIT" moment. Also the moment we all banished that broadcast from our memories.
As the camera panned back, this was the “OH SHIT” moment. Also the moment we all banished that broadcast from our memories.

Michonne and Daryl go first, making a hole towards the woods for Bob and Tyreese. Bob gets out, but Tyreese sits in the car. When he finally gets out of the car, he starts hitting zombies with his hammer, but is overtaken pretty quickly. He tells the rest of the group to leave him and they aren’t left with much of a choice. Further through the woods, Daryl has the rest of the group stop for a second and Tyreese emerges from the woods, tired, but alive and they all continue to run.

Inside the prison, Hershel is handing out elderberry tea to everyone. He tries to help the doctor drink some tea and the asshole coughs blood all over his face, so he ends up taking off his mouth covering. Hershel also gives some tea to Glenn, who is getting sicker.

Rick attempts to lecture Carol on the stupid risk that she decided to take, asking her if there was anything she wouldn’t do for the people in here. She tells him no and he asks her if she killed Karen and David. Calmly, she says yes – waits a minute… and then walks away from Rick.

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