I realise that this recap is so overdue and I apologise but life got in the way like it does sometimes and I could only get this produced now. Although isn’t this a good time to read it so you can remind yourself what happened before watching the finale on Monday (let’s pretend that most of us haven’t already watched it since it was leaked)? So let’s begin.

In the lift that he and Jennifer were stuck in last episode Stiles smacks a comatose Derek.  He screams at Derek to get up and then, paralleling with season 1’s Magic Bullet, Stiles curls his hand into a fist ready to punch Derek in the face because hey, it worked last time, can’t hurt to try again. But before it can happen Derek wakes up. Stiles gets Derek up to speed on Jennifer taking Melissa and subsequently Scott going away with Deucalion and tells him to leave unless he wants to be a wanted fugitive again.

The hunters and the remaining werewolves all meet up (Peter scurries away before the Argents can see him) and Derek gets there seconds later to place Cora into his car. He tells them that Stiles is back at the hospital giving them time to get away and that Jennifer took Melissa. He tries to ignore Alison’s questions about Scott but she asks again and he huffs (Derek you are a grown man) and turns dramatically to face her.

Back in the hospital Stiles has a sass-off with the newly-arrived federal officer, who is revealed not only to be the biggest asshole but to also know Stiles and his father. Stiles lies like an expert when interrogated but is surprised when he’s told that there’s a name written in red on the doors of the lift: Argent.

Say hello to Beacon Hill's newest asshole
Say hello to Beacon Hill’s newest asshole

In Derek’s loft Cora is still coughing up black blood for reasons we still don’t know. Having had enough with Derek and everything he’s related to Isaac yells at him for doing nothing, and giving him and the rest the bite. After Isaac’s dramatic exit Peter reassures Derek to not take it to heart since Isaac isn’t really angry he’s just using it as a bluff for changing to team Scott (which I think we all saw coming like eons ago).

At the Argent’s apartment Stiles and Allison warn Chris that Jennifer wants him for the third guardian but Chris isn’t too worried, what with being a bad-ass with a gun. The three of them work together to try and figure out where the two missing parents are so that they can save them.

After a quick scene where we see Derek taking away some of Cora’s pain, which could kill him if he went too far, we are taken back to the Argent’s. The two hunters are preparing their weapons watched by a flummoxed Stiles when Isaac turns up at their doorway ready to help.

As the only Hale who ever seems to know anything Peter informs Derek that as an Alpha he can save Cora’s life. But it comes as a cost (this is Beacon Hills, of course it comes at a cost).

And then we get what is in my opinion the best scene of the entire episode. Sitting at her vanity table with her mother, Lydia Martin decides to forgo using make-up to cover up her scars saying “someone tried to strangle me and I survived. I don’t need to hide that”.  I love Lydia and I love the personal growth she has gone through and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

At the bank Chris tasers to Isaac’s stomach and handcuffs Allison to the bars and willingly goes with Jennifer to Allison’s horror.

Not cool Chris, handcuffing your child is a big no-no.
Not cool Chris, handcuffing your child is a big no-no.

Stiles, on the other hand, goes to Lydia hoping that she’ll be able to help them find Melissa and Sheriff. Lydia realises that Jennifer didn’t want to kill her for being a banshee and together they go off to figure why.

Back at the bank Isaac breaks the handcuff off of Allison’s wrist. Both feeling overwhelmed with the amount of crap happening in their lives they share an embrace.

Peter tries to convince Derek against giving up his Alpha powers, warning him that Kali is still after him and that this may be all part of Jennifer’s plan but Derek is resolute.

At the School Stiles gets the bed news that Jennifer has Chris. This obviously pushes him too far and he beings to have a panic attack, in what is a wonderfully scene shot in slow motion which allows the audience to experience part of what Stiles is feeling.

Chris wakes up underground where Melissa and the Sheriff are captured and tries in vain to get to his hidden weapons but they have already been taking from him.

Relocated in the Boy’s changing room Lydia tries to help Stiles through his panic attack, this eventually leads to her kissing him so that he holds his breath, which she informs him after the kiss is something she read that could help stop a panic attack.

As beautiful as the moment between Stiles and Lydia was kissing someone who's having a panic attack is not advisable
As beautiful as the moment between Stiles and Lydia was kissing someone who’s having a panic attack is not advisable

Recovering from the attack Stiles figures that Ms Morell may know something so they head to her office but Danielle tells them that Ms Morell is uncharacteristically late. Searching through her files Stiles finds Lydia’s and in there is a picture of the tree that Lydia has been drawing all season. And in her bag more and more pictures of the drawings. But it’s not a tree; Stiles turns it around and instead we see that it’s been roots this whole time. Stiles realises that the parents are being held at the root cellar a.k.a the Nematon.

The fed stops Stiles so Lydia has to go to Derek and Peter to get their help finding the root cellar. The Fed interrogates Stiles about his missing father and friends but Stiles doesn’t tell him anything and eventually Deaton gets him out of there.

For the first time since season 2 we get a scene between Lydia and Peter. It was lovely to see Lydia stare down the man who tormented her for most of the last season. Jeff promises that in the next half of the season we’ll see more of Lydia’s vengeance against Peter which I whole-heartedly look forward to.

More than half way through the episode and we finally get a scene of Scott (where have you been, babe?). He and Deucalion, along with the other members of the Alpha pack are chasing down Ms Morell through the woods.

Derek and Peter tell Lydia that they can’t help locate the Nematon because after the incident with Paige Talia Hale took away the memory of the root cellar so that neither Derek nor Peter would go back there after what happened.

Surrounded by the Alpha pack, protected only by her circle of mountain ash Morell is grilled about what she knows about Jennifer. She tells Scott to go back to his friend and reveals to the other’s that it was actually Deucalion who killed Ennis, not Derek. Having heard enough

Deucalion launches his cane into her shoulder and Morell staggers out of the circle but before any of the alphas can harm her Scott goes to her side. Morell tells Scott that he has to find the Nematon.

Down in the root cellar still all tied-up the parents talk and we finally get to know something about Claudia Stilinski as the Sheriff shares the sad tale of her death.

Left with no more leads to finding the Nematon the kids turn to a dangerous method Deaton tells them about. Scott, Stiles and Allison all have to effectively die and act as surrogate sacrifices for their parents. A method which will bring the Nematon power attracting the supernatural effectively turning Beacon Hills into Hellmouth. And if that wasn’t bad enough the three of them will suffer from a permanent darkness around their hearts for the rest of their lives. Lovely, like these characters haven’t gone through enough already.

Also left with no more leads Derek decides to sacrifice his Alpha powers and help save Cora.

Scott, Stiles and Allison prepare for the ritual by bring an item associated with their parents. The next thing they are told they’ll need is a person that has enough of an emotional connection to them in order to bring them back. When Allison is paired with Isaac Scott is shocked but understanding about their forming relationship.

Rub a dub dub.
Rub a dub dub.

The three of them enter the icy waters in each of their baths. Stiles turns to Scott and tells him that his dad’s in town and we get a shot of the asshole fed sitting on Scott’s bed. Then they immerse themselves under the water and the screen turns black.

Whether or not you watched the leaked episode the mid-season finale will air officially very soon so don’t forget to watch it!

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