Secrets continue to be exposed, and we’ve unexpectedly learned where certain loyalties lie.

With Paul going to meet his handler, Olivier, Sarah is on edge. She’s still not sure she can trust him, and she’s also convinced that Cosima can’t trust Delphine. This puts a wedge between Sarah and Cosima for the first time, as Cosima insists on taking the keep-your-enemies-closer route. Not that Cosima seems to think of Delphine as particularly villainous.

Sarah follows Paul to the club where he’s meant to meet Olivier. Felix volunteers to check it out, being something of a club scene veteran. He learns that the club is called Neolution – that’s right, as in the topic Cosima saw Dr. Leekie lecture on. The club attracts people into body modification, and Olivier is said to be modified himself. Paul catches Felix following him out of the club, and Sarah has to step in.

Paul hasn’t ratted Sarah out to Olivier, and even means to protect her, but Sarah is keeping vital information from Paul, about Helena killing off the clones. Speaking of Helena, she’s been recovering with the help of Tomas, who is the one influencing her as well as abusing her. He orders Helena to kill Sarah, but since Helena wants to be friends with her. Sort of. Helena catches Sarah on her way to see Kira and forces her into a lunch date of sorts, and she tells Sarah she has 24 hours to give her the names of the other clones, or she’ll kill her.

While Sarah is out, Paul is cornered at home by Olivier and his assistant, who have gotten a call from on high saying that the test results show that “Beth” is not actually Beth. Paul continues to play dumb as they haul him back to the club for more questioning. The moment of truth comes when Olivier has Paul call “Beth” on speakerphone. Sarah is at Mrs. S.’s and has just learned that she had been rescued and hidden as a child, and that Mrs. S. had moved her and Felix to the U.S. to keep them safe. Paul addresses Sarah as Beth, tipping her off that something is wrong, but then has no choice to go all in. His last words before Olivier knocks him out are, “They know you’re not Beth. RUN.”

Paul’s not the only one who’s developed a soft spot though. Instead of running, Sarah goes all in too, going to the club to confront Olivier. Olivier’s the type to make your skin crawl, and though he believes Sarah is the one killing off the clones, he expresses a sick fascination in her, even offering to show her his bodily modification – his tail. (And can we just appreciate Paul who, even tied up and beaten, responds to this gross offer with, “You have a tail?!”) But Sarah is saved by the call ordering to hold her and prepare her for travel, presumably to whoever’s in charge.

Sarah’s not stupid by any means. She has two bits of insurance: one, she called Helena (who was chilling at Sarah’s, eating her food and talking to a photo of Paul) to tell her she wouldn’t give up the sheep (the clones), but would lead her to a shepherd (Olivier); two, Felix is on standby, ready to call Art and spill the beans if Sarah doesn’t make it out. Helena shows, taking out Olivier’s assistant and taking Sarah’s place so she can escape. When Olivier finds Helena, she cuts his tail off and dances around with it in his club. You go, girl. Sarah and Paul make it back to Felix right before he’s about to tell Art everything.

Over in Minnesota, Cosima and Delphine’s dinner date just happens to be crashed by Dr. Leekie, who continues to try to persuade them to check out his work at the Dyad Institute. Cosima continues to be “cheeky,” holding fast to her Darwinist studies and her skepticism about Neolution, which all appears to make Delphine uncomfortable. But not as uncomfortable as when Cosima goes in for a kiss. Delphine’s response to which is to flee the scene leaving behind a surprised and embarrassed Cosima.

Next weekend, Sarah’s charade continues to unravel and tension forms between the clones.

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