Alison doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to throw one hell of a party.

It’s no ordinary morning to begin with. Alison wakes up and checks the nanny cam she’d set up that night to find that Donnie got up and left in the middle of the night. Believing he’s her monitor and has been subjecting her to medical testing, she confronts her unsuspecting husband, who is rushing around to prepare for a party that has understandably slipped Alison’s mind. When he won’t stop to answer her questions, Alison, to her own surprise, knocks him out with a golf club.

Alison ties Donnie up in the basement and continues to question him, but he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. So Alison starts torturing him with a hot glue gun and it starts to feel like we’re watching a particularly peculiar episode of Snapped. Eventually, she calls Sarah to help her.

Sarah, who has just managed to slip away from Paul, comes to her aid, and not a moment too soon. That party Alison forgot about is the neighborhood potluck, and everyone has started arriving. While Alison tries to salvage the party (still in her pajamas), Sarah puts on a headband and some lipstick and goes in to interrogate Donnie as Alison.

For all the tumultuousness between Sarah and Alison, Sarah does a hell of a job defending Alison. When Donnie gives her lip, Sarah knocks him down a peg, saying he needs to treat her (Alison) better, because she’s the backbone of their family. Fitting, because poor Alison is upstairs pulling together food and drinks for all her suburban friends, while getting a bit drunk in the process.

Over in Cosima’s neck of the woods, Delphine is proving to be too charming to stay away from, despite the risk of anyone close being a monitor. Delphine invites Cosima to a lecture on “neolution” given by Dr. Aldous Leekie. It’s a bit out there for Cosima’s taste, but she goes anyway. At the reception, Delphine convinces Cosima to go with her to meet Dr. Leekie. Cosima is cheeky and skeptical, but Dr. Leekie still suggests that she looks into his work at the Diad institute. After he bids them adieu, Cosima grabs two bottles of wine from the reception and she and Delphine scamper off adorably together.

Back at the party, Sarah has employed Felix to bartend for the party while a sad and drunk Alison passes out on the couch, leaving Sarah to take over the party. But suburban housewives are the least of her worries when Vic shows up, having broken into Felix’s and found directions to Alison’s. Before Sarah can diffuse that situation, Paul shows up too.

Vic ends up leading Paul past the party and into the garage at gunpoint, but Paul, with his military background, gets the jump on him. He holds a nail gun on Vic, and it’s all Sarah can do to convince Paul that Vic doesn’t know anything. When Alison’s kids walk in on the scene, Vic tries to get away and Paul nails his hand to a chair. Sarah gets the kids out and gets Paul to back off. They’ve just thrown Vic out when Alison’s friend Aynesley walks in. Aynesley is confused because she’s just put the real Alison to bed, so Sarah convinces her that she’s having an affair with Paul, and that every marriage has secrets.

Sarah and Paul go back home, and Paul offers her a drink, which he had drugged earlier. But when Sarah comes clean about the clone situation, Paul chooses a different, not-drugged bottle of liquid for them to share. In the aftermath of the party, a sobered-up Alison confronts her now freed husband. But Donnie doesn’t lash out. He tells her that the box had held letters from a woman he had seen for a while in college while he and Alison were broken up. The woman had gotten sick and fallen off the face of the earth, and he was keeping the letters to hold on to a piece of her.

So can Donnie be trusted? Maybe, but then who had he been talking to on the phone if the woman he’d had an affair with was unreachable? And what about Delphine? She and Cosima make quite the pair, but as it turns out, Delphine is somehow involved with Dr. Leekie. Looks like Delphima (or Cophine, if you prefer) was doomed from the start.

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