7 Days of Celebration 2013

celebrateheaderbowBeginning on December 2nd we are starting our official Nerdophiles’ 7 Days of Celebration raffle gift giveaway! We want to thank you guys for supporting and reading our blog with some presents for the holiday season. On each of the seven days, we will have a Rafflecopter open in which you can enter to win some stuff! You may enter as many times as possible, since the raffle will close seven days after it’s opened.

Unfortunately, these raffles will be limited to only North America.

This raffle is now closed!!


7 Responses

  1. Britney Becker
    Britney Becker / 11-26-2013 / ·


  2. Faye
    Faye / 12-2-2013 / ·

    OMG!!! I hope I win day one!!! Stuff from Panem would be awesome!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  3. Jacob Done
    Jacob Done / 12-3-2013 / ·

    I think any of those things would be awesome to win!

  4. Sam Wildman
    Sam Wildman / 12-3-2013 / ·

    Trust me – they are some pretty epic bundles.

  5. Christina
    Christina / 12-4-2013 / ·

    I never win anything, fingers crossed for one these!

  6. Michael Crane (@Meekrok)
    Michael Crane (@Meekrok) / 12-8-2013 / ·

    mmmm bundlelicious

  7. Kristian
    Kristian / 12-9-2013 / ·

    Oh I’m entering this!

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