Beginning on December 15th we are starting our official Nerdophiles’ 7 Nights of Celebration! We want to thank you guys for supporting and reading our blog with some presents for the holiday season in our second annual goodies giveaway! On each of the seven days, we will have a Gleam open in which you can enter to win some stuff! You may enter as many times as possible in all the different methods; the raffle will close seven days after it’s opened.

Each winner will receive a gift set with multiple different gifts set to a different theme for each of the seven days. This contest is limited to the United States. Entrees from people under the age of 18 must have parents’ permission. Nerdophiles is solely responsible for all items included in our Holiday giveaway bundles. We are not affiliated with any of the companies whose items we’ve included.



Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day One – Kids


Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day Two – Marvel


Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day Three – DC



Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day Four – Comics


Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day Five – Survival

7n-d6   Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day Six – Gamers

7n-d7Holiday Giveaway 2014: Day Seven – Sci-Fi


104 thoughts on “7 Nights of Celebration! (2014)”

  1. BOOSTER GOLD followed by blue beetle (ted or jaime) kon-el
    all of them all the DC charterers. but mostly Booster Gold but also all of them.

  2. For books I’m excited to read in 2015, I have been wanting to re-read The Great Gatsby, so that’s what I am most excited for!

  3. What’s your zombie survival plan?
    nope. thats the plane first sight of zombies good bye cruel world. I can not run fast enough for any type of apocalypse

  4. My favorite video game of all time would be Metal Gear Solid 4…but there’s many games contending strongly for the best of all time. Thanks!

  5. If you could live in any science fiction universe which would you choose and why?
    Star wars-vers but only if I could live as a taun taun

  6. I look forward to reading whatever possible crossovers there may be. I love huge crossovers what span across multiple publications, like Civil War.

  7. My zombie survival plan is to live in a library and start reading combat manuals. Also I need to find some magazines to increase the durability of my chainsaws.

  8. If I could live in any sci-fi universe, it would be Doctor Who’s. Even the smallest chance of meeting the Doctor and becoming his companion is worth enduring countless alien invasions and weird phenomena.

  9. Day 1)
    Favorite Children’s Book:
    Charlotte’s Web & The Brothers Grimm

    Day 2)
    Who is your favorite Marvel character?
    Black Widow

    Day 3)
    Who is your favorite DC character?

    Day 4)
    What books are you looking forward to reading in 2015?

    Day 5)
    What’s your zombie survival plan?
    Combat training, bug-out packs fully equipped with at least a weeks full of all supplies; food, medical, weapons, etc., hidden stashes of supplies in different locations, several secure secret locations to escape to, sleeping bags with extra clothes rolled inside, and hopefully, a group of like-minded people (both sexes) to fight along side me.

    Day 6)
    What’s your favorite video game of all time?
    The Walking Dead, State of Decay, and Contagion.

    Day 7)
    If you could live in any science fiction universe which would you choose and why?
    In a world where women are the deadliest people on Earth, in space, and other dimensions. They would have the powers to shapeshift in to spies, Geisha Warriors, and even men, as they use their genetic abilities to time travel, as needed.

  10. If I had to choose a sci fi universe I would have to pick a less threatening one. It seems that in every fiction the cosmos is about to be obliterated. Maybe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

  11. If i could live in a sci fi universe it would be Star Wars no doubt. The force, light sabers, lighting out of my fingers!! Come on, there’s no competition!!

  12. My zombie survival plan.
    1. Grab myself a U-Haul and pick up my friends and family [if they’re not infected already].
    2. Fill it with all the necessities. Guns, ammo, non perishable foods, clothes, etc.
    3. Look for a secure place to hold up.
    4. No strangers, no groups.
    5. Wait it out.

    1. You will be notified soon! We are compiling our winner’s gift baskets! We have your contact info from your entry so keep an eye out!

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