Terminator: Dark Fate Movie Review

Release Date: November 1, 2019Cast: Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Diego BonetaDirector: Tim MillerStudio: Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, 20th Century Fox, Lightstorm EntertainmentDistributor: Paramount PicturesSpoilers: LowIMDB| Rotten Tomatoes | Wikipedia Rating: ★★★ ½ ☆☆ Linda Hamilton is BACK BABY! In this sequel to the possibly the finest action movie ever made, T2: Judgment Day, […]

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Deserves To Be Seen In Theaters. In 3D? Not So Much…

Release Date: August 25th, 2017 Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Robert Patrick, Edward Furlong Director: James Cameron Movie Rating: ★★★★★ 3D Movie Rating: ★★½☆☆☆ Review Spoilers: Get Outta Here IMDB | Wikipedia | Rotten Tomatoes Alright, alright alright, let’s get this outta the way. It’s just a re-release of Terminator 2 Judgment Day. One of the definitive movies (action or […]