The Pod Nod: Real Crime Profile Talks True Crime in Pop Culture

Wondery’s Real Crime Profile podcast is more than your average true crime podcast. The show features experienced hosts who have worked many years in law enforcement and behavioral analysis; these hosts talk about everything from the recent hit podcast Dirty John (which we gave a pod nod to recently) to 13 Reasons Why to […]

The Pod Nod: My Favorite Murder Brings Together Murderinos with Comedy and Bloody Murder

Among the serious, dramatic music, deep-voiced true crime podcasts that seem to have exploded onto the scene in the wake of Serial, this popular podcast theme has one standout show that doesn’t only feature true crime, but comedy as well. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark has consistently been one […]

The Pod Nod: Alice Isn’t Dead is Perfect for Roadtrips That You Never Want to End

I discovered Alice Isn’t Dead after searching for a Limetown sound-a-like on Stitcher. I was in the middle of a huge research project for my internship, and anyone who was watching me at my desk probably saw me flinching from all the jump-scares while I sifted through stacks of Excel spreadsheets. Alice Isn’t Dead is […]