Synopsis of 12×20: It’s fitting that “Twigs & Twine & Tasha Bane” begins much like season one of Supernatural, with Alicia and Max reaching out because their mom is missing. 

I have been increasingly impressed with the writers of Supernatural this season. Although the episodes have not centered on our main characters, the cases that they have been taking seamlessly tie in with the central conflict. This episode, Sam even parrots, “Their mom is on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a week,” which prompts Dean to agree to go with Sam to help the Bane siblings.

Meanwhile, Ketch is torturing a shifter who has taken the form of Mary, and the shifter changes into Ketch. Mary is there as well and tells Ketch that the shifter would not provide information on his family. Mary overhears Ketch talking about a sealed box below and Mary suspects that it is Mick. 

The Winchesters and the Banes end up finding Tasha miraculously alive at a quaint bed and breakfast, despite having been stabbed in the first five minutes of the episode. The Winchesters watch the Bane family as they interact. They realize that despite hunting the supernatural and being supernatural, the Banes were pretty normal. Sam leaves to acquire food and realizes that there is something amiss in River Rock when he finds a missing person flier of a man that they saw leaving the cellar when the first arrived.

Dean and Sam decide to let the Bane family have a moment together and go to the cellar to see what they find. They find Tasha’s body lying under a cloth. Max leaves his mom and his sister to go on a date but finds Dean and Sam instead. Dean and Sam attempt to stop Max from finding Tasha, but are unable to.

Mary leaves Dean a message, letting him know that she is planning on being there for him after the Men of Letters business is concluded. She ducks into a room and finds all the surveillance done on her boys and the American hunters. She calls Dean again to let them know that they have trouble and she and Ketch engage in a fight. Mary, being the badass that she is, wins using nothing more than her fighting skills and brass knuckles, but Ketch cheats and tases her.

Max attacks the fake Tasha and uses his power to reveal who she is. Tasha tells him that the creepy old lady at the end of the hall is behind all of this. At the same time, the creepy old lady sends her army of dolls to attack Sam and Alicia.

Dean and Max go to the end of the hall to fight the creepy old lady. The bad guy soliloquy is delivered and ends with an offer to transfer her power to Max to keep his mother alive. Dean tells Max that if he takes the deal, he is making a deal with a demon.

Alicia and Sam are still fighting the Tasha doll, which stabs Alicia as Dean shoots the witch before Max can accept the ring. The dolls fall apart, and Alicia dies. Max finds them and them and naturally falls apart.

Sam and Dean attempt to be supportive and encourage Max. Max declines, and Dean worries that Max is going to make a bad decision to bring his sister back. Sam is more willing to believe that Max will learn how to be fine. Dean doubts that and reminds Sam that they have made terrible deals to save each other. Max goes back to the room and accepts the power from the demon to bring the doll version of Alice to life.

Dean is finally able to retrieve his messages from Mary. Dean realizes that they are now in the same position the twins were at the beginning of the episode.

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