Imagine Earth – sorry, 34RTH – has been taken over by robots who have gleaned their speech patterns and mannerisms from the internet. Yes, that internet. No, no, come back, come back!

It didn’t work out all that well for Microsoft, but writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon have teamed up once more for D4VEOCRACY, which reads like Idiocracy as written by Reddit. It is the third miniseries following the beloved and mildly dickish robot-slash-office-drone-slash-hero D4VE as he launches his campaign to run for President in the wake of tragedy.

Fans who have read the past arcs will recognize a lot of familiar characters and meet some absolutely crazy new ones as well, but it’s not so dense and confusing that new fans can’t pick up this new arc and enjoy D4VE and his train-wreck of a family as a stand-alone story.

For anyone unfamiliar with D4VE, but interested in jumping into the series (or desperate for some kind of election satire after the rough year all around), Ferrier and Ramon have provided audiences with a primer ‘zine available for download.

I hadn’t been familiar with this series before reading the primer and immediately following it up with D4VEOCRACY #1, but now that I am, I can’t wait to get more skewering commentary as can only be delivered by Ferrier and brought to life by Ramon.

Catch up on (or learn about for the first time) all of D4VE’s antics and then, if you still aren’t sold on cheeky, chatspeak robots powered by memes, head over to Ferrier’s blog to check out the first five pages of D4VEOCRACY. The same type of humor that permeated the first two volumes of D4VE continues with the added bonus of robot stump speeches!

Pre-orders for D4VEOCRACY #1 are due Monday, December 26th, so hit up your local comics shop with this helpful flyer from IDW to make sure you get your copy first thing when it arrives in January 2017!

Once you’ve gotten your fill of D4VEOCRACY promos, come back here and let us know what you’re most excited about seeing in this four-issue miniseries! And don’t forget to check back in when the first issue is released for our full review!

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