Synopsis of 2×09: A grown up finally steps up and puts some of the crazy kids of Wayward Pines in place as the entire plan implodes around them. The female abbie – Margaret – is out for revenge and runs around the city trying to find her escape… but not before creating a little chaos on her way out.


While Margaret returned to her people, Kerry watched from the monitor and suggested that Margaret might be dying. Jason was going to have to make a decision on how to proceed, because he said even if she died, they would choose another leader. They would still attack. The abbies were continuing to gather and they were defenseless.

Theo wandered around Wayward Pines and marched into Xander’s store. They sniped back and forth a bit about his wife, and Xander revealed to Theo that Rebecca was pregnant. Theo didn’t seem bothered by it. He had a different goal in mind: overthrow the current leadership of Wayward Pines. Theo didn’t believe Jason was the right one to lead, and wanted to know if Xander would stand behind him (and, presumably, rally the remaining rebel forces to his side), and Xander agreed to stand behind him if he could orchestrate the takeover. However, he also made note that Theo had better have a plan post-take-over if he wanted to be successful.

CJ interrupted the conversation to grab Theo, as Jason had summoned them both. In a little counsel meeting, Jason proposed their two options: await the inevitable, or fight them. Of course by fight, he meant put everyone back to sleep in the pods for another few thousand years, to reemerge in a time where they might have a better chance of survival. It did seem like the most logical solution if survival was the goal.

Audience were given a glimpse into the past as Pilcher searched for his leader. He wanted a child, an infant, that would be put to sleep with the rest of humanity, who could be woken up and taught how to lead. In order to do so, he had found a young pregnant girl from an affluent family that he convinced to give up the child to him. He met the girl, Abigail, who had a sharp mind and ended up giving Pilcher the future child’s name. Unfortunately, as Pilcher would learn a few scenes later, the child did not end up making it and died during the birthing process.

Outside the wall, the abbies cauterized Margaret’s wound and provided her with medication, demonstrating that they not only had social structure and intelligence, but a practice of medicine as well.

Jason, meanwhile, announced the plan to the people of Wayward Pines. He told them they would all go back into the pods in the mountain. The townspeople voiced their dissent, not happy about the thought of going to sleep again with an uncertain future ahead of them. Even the children, the first gens, who were born in the city seemed nervous about the prospect of going to sleep and waking up thousands of years down the line to take another shot at preserving humanity.

Another bump in the plan came up shortly after the announcement, as CJ tested the pods and found that only about half of them worked. They would not be able to take everyone, which would definitely be a problem considering people in the town were already lining up to “go back to sleep.”

Jason went to Theo and told him he needed him to review all of the medical files of everyone in Wayward Pines and rate them. Theo immediately caught on to what he was doing and called him out on it. He insisted the only fair way was to do a lottery system, but Jason refused. The “defective” people would remain behind, and the ones that had something to contribute to the future (in his view) would persist.

Naturally, Theo was not happy with a strategy essentially promoting eugenics. He pointed out that Kerry would be considered defective due to her inability to have a child, and Jason got rather emotional about it right before she walked in. Jason left, Theo told Kerry about what was happening, and then told her that Jason planned to leave her behind because she was defective. He insisted she needed to take him out.

Since it wouldn’t be a season of Wayward Pines without an insane plot twist, here it is: in a flashback, Pilcher went looking for another child. He found a young mother in Boise who wanted to give up the child for adoption. Who was that mother? Oh, you know, just KERRY. That’s right, Jason’s mother is also his wife, and the worst part is neither of them knew until present-Jason started digging through files and found Kerry’s confidential file. In it, it listed him as her child, and he drew his sidearm almost as if he planned to kill himself.

Then Kerry, wonderful Kerry with the best timing, came into the room and the pair had a discussion about trust. He put his gun away but wanted to know why she had never told him she’d had a child. She insisted the child didn’t mean anything because it had been taken to a couple in Texas thousands of years ago. Why did it bother him? They ended up in a yelling match, which resulted in a struggle, and a gunshot.

But first, a flashback! Back when the first rebels were being taken care of, Jason perused files and chose Kerry’s out of all of them to be his partner. He then woke her up and introduced himself to her, and she saw an opportunity and embraced it. He told her she would be safe.

Back in the present, it was revealed that in the struggle it was Jason that had been shot. His final words were that they had taught her well before he died. On the other side of the wall, Margaret rose up and alerted her people that it was time to attack. Next week? The season finale.

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