Synopsis: In the conclusion from last week’s murder, the gambler is set to testify against the company fixer. Well, until he’s gunned down on the courthouse steps. In the meantime, things between Major and Liv are heating up.

Rating: ?????

Wow, so that all happened pretty quickly. Apparently all it takes is a declaration from Major to get clean and convince Liv to play strip-Skype with her old squeeze.

More on that later.

At the end of last week’s episode, Clive caught the gambler who killed the man who was sent to collect on his gambling debts. Now, he’s trying to prosecute the fixer who cleaned up after the gambler’s debts by killing the supernice security guard basketball coach.

Clive and the gambler just concluded their series of machismo-laced threats on the courthouse steps when a motorcycler drives by and shoots both of them, killing the gambler witness.

Cue Liv and her Hannibal-esque gourmet preparation of brains.

Liv spends the rest of the episode placing bets and trying to solve who ordered the hit on the gambler. Her investigation leads her to The Barber, a barber who set up his bookie business in his salon.

One of The Barber’s customers is none other than Mr. Boss, the crime lord responsible for whatever vague horrible things the show keeps alluding to without giving us any concrete details. It quickly becomes clear that Mr. Boss is not messing around – he’s willing to kill anyone who gets in his way in some of the most colorful, twisted ways possible.

Mr. Boss proceeds to threaten Peyton at the DA’s office after hours. He promises her that if she lets the case go, she’ll be paid very nicely. If not, things are going to get really difficult really quickly.

Over in Blaine’s neck of the undead woods, daddy decides to show up and run Blaine’s business. Turns out that Daddy had Blaine followed after Blaine threatened his life – during which time he discovered that Blaine lost his leverage: he’s no longer a zombie. Daddy threatens Blaine: get the brain of his rival’s son, otherwise Daddy will turn Blaine back into one of the legion of the undead.

Blaine caves, but then goes to see his grandfather. After a lengthy one-sided conversation with his terminally ill grandfather, Blaine smothers him with a pillow and bags his brain in Tupperware. No idea how this is part of the revenge scheme, but we’re going to roll with it.

Back on the case, Liv discovers that the gambler was besties with a famous basketball player, Kelvin. She learns that the gambler asked Kelvin for money to fund his gambling habit. Eventually, Liv learns that Kelvin rigged a few of his games to get rich quick – and Kelvin hired the gambler’s hit to get him to keep quiet.

In other news, the fixer finally gets his just desserts after Liv discovers he’s hiding cocaine in his turtle enclosure.

Throughout this episode, Liv and Major are desperate to tear each others’ clothes off. From Skype foreplay to makeout sessions, it’s just a matter of time before the two get to long-awaited sexytimes. Well, until Ravi discovers that no condom will prevent the transmission of the zombie virus. So sexytimes will have to wait indefinitely. But hey, strip Skype is still on the table! Err, at least until Liv discovers that Major has been assassinating zombies, including Blaine’s dad, who may or may not be dead. Clarity, por favor.

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