Teen Wolf: I.E.D. (4×05)

by Elise Kulik

Synopsis: Lydia cracks another third of the deadpool; Derek’s losing his powers after his encounter with Kate. Scott and Kira figure out who on the lacrosse team is working for The Benefactor.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Brief note on the title- it stands for Intermittent Explosive Disorder, which is Liam’s diagnosis for his anger issues. Not extremely happy with how Stiles pokes fun at mental illness, but apparently we’re writing him insensitive these days.

Overall, I was a little frustrated with the pace of this episode- it was light on Teen Wolf’s usual humor, and it didn’t compensate with exposition or action.

We did get introduced to a few plot points which we should revisit in future episodes, the first of which is about ciphers and cracking the deadpool.

After Lydia deciphered a third of the hit list last episode with the password “ALLISON,” the team is waiting on her to find the other two ciphers for the rest of the list.


The Sheriff’s concerned about how many people total might be on the deadpool, but Stiles and Scott assure him it can’t be that many because the numbers signifying the bounty next to each of their names needs to add up to the 117 million dollars stolen from the Hale’s crypt. Stiles scribbles “M’s” and “K’s” next to each of the names on the decrypted third of the list- notably, the main gang all seem to have low single or double digits next to their names.

Unfortunately, those digits signify ‘million’ as opposed to the ‘thousands’ marked next to everyone else.

While an emotionally distraught Lydia’s meeting up with Meredith, the banshee from Eichen House to figure out the next cipher key, the rest of the gang is trying to hunt down assassins.


The gang notices two distinct M.O.’s looking at the pictures of the victims. Some victims were garroted with hot wire because their wounds were cauterized, and another one of the victims was stabbed to death with a lacrosse stick outfitted with a blade.

The audience knows it’s the work of the Murder Couple from last week- Garrett and Violet. Frankly, I enjoy these characters for their simplicity. These are not complex, deep characters.  There’s no elaborate backstory. There is no moral ambiguity. It’s not convoluted.

They want money and they’re willing to stab some people to get at it.

Frankly, this season needs a little evil after last season’s stakes, and I’m not getting any moral conflict from the main cast yet.

Instead of calling off the lacrosse scrimmage since there’s a killer on the team, Scott, Kira (now on the team- yay co-ed sports!) and Liam decide to play Liam’s old school.

You know, for kicks, giggles, and possible death. As one does.


Garrett stabs prep school team captain Brett on the field and Violet tries to finish him off. Scott almost gets killed by Violet but then knocks her unconscious and calls the Sheriff. Brett’s safe, for now.

Lydia cracks the remaining part of the cypher with “AIDEN,” again underscoring everyone’s emotional repression and lack of closure in the event of a main character’s death. Someone start a drinking game or I will.

Hot officer Parrish is on the deadpool- so I’m also taking bets in the comments as to what he is.

This week closes with a visit from the Calaveras to Daddy Argent. The Calaveras hassle Argent to repeat the hunter’s code until he says it once more with feeling.


“We hunt those who hunt us.”

*dead Allison echoes* “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Oh, how the mighty fall.


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