This has been done over and over again, but I’m doing it now because I want to know which one to get. My research hopefully will lead me to a decision.

Image Courtesy of Daily Avenue
Image Courtesy of Daily Avenue


Console Pros:

Cost to enter
You have a set price and you know what you’re going to get. It’s going to be $400 (for the next-gen consoles) or $200 for the older models of XBox and PS. It’s a very reasonable price to start gaming.

All hardware optimized for gaming
No fine-tuning. No loading drivers. Nothing. All the hardware has been put together to specifically focus on gaming. With set hardware, game developers know exactly how to develop to utilize the hardware the best.

Less hassle
It works right out of the box. Plug and play. You don’t have to wait for all your parts to come in and build it up, load the operating system, and all that jazz.

Exclusive games
PCs don’t get certain games because they’re exclusive to consoles.

It’s way easier to lug around a console then it is a full-sized desktop. Plus, you can hook it up to any TV (given it has an HDMI input).

Console Cons:

No mods
The software mods for PC games are insane. You can change the game entirely with all the mods that people develop. People who fine-tune the graphics to make it ultra-realistic, people who add different elements to the game, whole new characters…it’s incredible. You can’t do that for the console.

Can’t upgrade hardware
Need more RAM? Need a new graphics card? Faster processor? Well, you can’t upgrade the console, but like I said earlier, game developers optimize the games for the console hardware. So there’s that.

Recurring costs (for online gaming)
If you want to game online with your friends you have to pay a monthly fee. There isn’t a such fee for PC gaming. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go.

No Steam sales
Let’s face it…Steam sales are awesome. Amazing. They make you spend your month’s salary in a week. You don’t get such ridiculous sales on the console.

Can’t game with PC players
In the world of online gaming you can’t cross platforms. 🙁

Image Courtesy of PC Advisor UK
Image Courtesy of PC Advisor UK


PC Pros:

Infinitely customizable
– Hardware performance
– User interface
– Game mods
You are the master of your build. You determine how much you want to spend and exactly what you want in your PC. You can change whatever you want (hardware & software). In games you have an infinite amount of mods to continue making the game fun after you finish them.

After a few years you might want to upgrade some parts of your gaming rig, well you can do that. Slap in the newest graphics card and enjoy the glory on your screen.

‘Nuff said. The best part, you don’t even need a huge HD because they’re all digitally stored, ready to download.

Wide range of entry costs
If you want to spend $300, you can…if you want to spend $1,500, you can. It all depends on what you want and how you game. You’ll buy the components to suit your needs.

Can be more powerful/faster
If you spend $1,500 on a PC gaming rig then it’s going to be faster and more powerful than the next-gen consoles. When Watch_Dogs releases on PC, XBOne, and PS4…the PC will have the highest resolution and more settings to make the game feel more realistic.

More uses than just gaming
With such a powerful PC, you can use it to edit video, photos, create CAD models, programming, and everything you want to do. Because it’s not just used for gaming, it can be used in daily life.

PC Cons:

Wide range of entry costs
You can have money left in the bank or you can be broke with the best PC rig ever. It all depends on what you want. Do you want to play the games on the highest settings with the fast fps and feel like you’re IN the game? Well, it’s going to cost you. But oh will it be glorious.

Can’t game with console players
Sadly, you can’t play with console players. As console players can’t play with PC players. Which is sad because some people have consoles, others have PCs….

Viruses/Malware/Process Hogs
With any computer you have you’re going to be susceptible to viruses and malware. So don’t go onto any shady websites or download weird .exe’s. Get a good anti-virus and clean your registries. Also, don’t forget to close programs otherwise CPU intensive programs can slow down your game.

Generally less portable
Having LAN parties means lugging your PC…which isn’t the most portable thing ever. It’s a rectangular prism and it’s awkward to transport.

CONCLUSION: I’m going to save up all my money and buy one of everything because if you enjoy gaming, then that’s all that matters. Each machine has their strengths and weaknesses. Each one is awesome in their own way.

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