The Mindy Project: Mindy Lahiri is a Racist (2×09)

Synopsis: Schumann & Associates get a bad reputation when they’re feature on a white supremacist blog.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In this episode the midwives in the office above accuse Schumann and Associates of being racists after one of Danny’s patients gives them a high praise on her white supremacist blog. They try and hire a PR to help improve their image with the public but she’s doesn’t do much apart from sleep with Danny, which isn’t much help for the practice.

Things get worse when during the midwives’ demonstration outside the office Tamra stands upon stage and talks about the racist treatment she’s suffered. Though she doesn’t actually believe that they’re racists she does it to get back at Mindy for looking down on her and her boyfriend Ray Ron.

Tamra and her (dead-beat) boyfriend Ray Ron

Meanwhile after Cliff finds out that Morgan didn’t delete his sexts off of Mindy’s phone he accuses him of being a bad person. Morgan tries to prove to Cliff that it isn’t true and in order to do so he gets one of his friends to beat him up in place of Cliff. Things don’t go exactly to plan and Cliff ends up with a bloody nose that Morgan has to patch up. But it all works out in the end because Cliff takes back what he says and Morgan lets him know that he only sent those texts because Mindy does like him back.

At the protest the midwives invite Tracy Whitfield, a man running for congress, to speak and he promises the protesters that he’ll get the practice shut down. Peter, who during this episode has felt under-appreciated, tells them that he used to know Tracy and that he can talk to him for them. All the doctors sigh in relief but then it turns out it’s not the guy that Peter was thinking of and soon the doctors are out of ideas.

tmp 2x9 pic 1

 Mindy decides to go up on stage to see if she can sway the public which doesn’t work at first. In the end she tells the protestor’s about Peter’s idea of them having a mobile clinic to go to help in low income areas that appeases the crowd. Tracy is pleased with this idea and commends them much to the displeasure of the midwives who concocted this whole thing so that they could take over their patients. Peter finally gets the appreciation that he’s been looking for and promoted to senior partner, kinda.

It was an okay episode, not the best but still enjoyable to watch. Though I do hope that they hurry up and end this Cliff and Mindy romance because I am not invested in this new character or the possible relationship between them. Yes, I’m too in love with Mindy x Danny, sue me. I loved their little moment in the episode when Mindy asked Danny if what he said about dating a girl from every race was true. I think we all know what Danny’s enigmatic “pretty much…expect one” meant.

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