SDCC 2016: The Originals Cast Talks About Vampire Drama, 5-Year Time Jumps, and Evolving Characters

While The Originals won’t be back until the winter season, we couldn’t help but try to get some juicy tidbits out of the show’s cast and executive producer when they stopped by San Diego Comic Con 2016. Unfortunately, the cast had yet to start filming season 5 of the addicting […]

The Originals: Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire Recap

Synopsis for 2×10: Finn, desperate to find his mother, traps Marcel’s vampires and Jackson’s werewolves together within Klaus’ compound. Rebekah discovers a startling secret about the Witches’ Asylum she remains trapped within and Jackson takes a step forward with his relationship with Hayley. Meanwhile, Klaus discovers the extent of Kol’s betrayal […]

Renewed! CW Series

The CW recently announced its renewal and cancellation decisions for this upcoming year on the network, and it looks like it’s early renewals for all the regular-season series! The CW’s blanket renewal is particularly surprising because the network has historically cancelled a few shows each year and the network didn’t […]

The Originals: The Brothers That Care Forgot Recap

[youtube=] The Originals: The Brothers That Care Forgot (2×08) Synopsis: Klaus, with a little help from Marcel, attempts to convince Finn and Kol to join their side and take arms against their mother. Davina tries to rescue Kol and Cami discovers her ultimate role in Esther’s plans. Meanwhile, Hayley discovers a […]

The Originals: Chasing the Devil’s Tail Recap

[youtube=] The Originals: Chasing the Devil’s Tail (2×07) Synopsis: Klaus seeks an antidote to wake his brother Elijah, but finds himself confronting his father instead. Hayley, intending to get even with Esther, takes matters into her owns hands, and plans to kidnap Finn with Cami and Marcel’s help. Meanwhile, Davina and […]

The Originals: Wheel Inside the Wheel Recap

[youtube=] The Originals: Wheel Inside the Wheel (2×06) Synopsis: Klaus sets out to save Elijah from his mother, but gets far more than he bargained for when Esther reveals startling information about his biological father. Meanwhile, Hayley spearheads a mission of her own to save Oliver with Marcel’s help and Cami discovers […]