SDCC 2016: Dark Matter Cast Talks Thrills, Evolving Character Dynamics & New Alliances This Season!

The Syfy channel is producing two fantastic original science fiction television shows: Dark Matter and Killjoys. Both premiered at the same time  last year and have accompanied each other on Friday nights. Genuine original and unique science fiction shows are a rare commodity these days, but both these shows have far […]

SDCC 2016: The 100 Cast Discusses New Threats, Redemption Potential, and Dark Turns

What started off as an unheard of dystopian teenage drama has slowly grown and morphed into an addicting, stunning, and gritty post-apocalyptic epic. If you aren’t watching The 100, I highly suggest you start watching it and start from the very beginning. Now going into its fourth season, The 100 […]

SDCC 2016: The Grimm Cast Talks Tackling Good Vs. Evil, Juliette’s Potential Return, and Parenthood in Season 6

NBC’s Grimm is one of my favorite shows on television currently. With a fantastic and talented cast, riveting story line, and deeply rooted lore, Grimm continues to amaze me as the show heads into its sixth season. Last season we saw Sean Renard step towards the dark side as he […]

SDCC 2016: The Originals Cast Talks About Vampire Drama, 5-Year Time Jumps, and Evolving Characters

While The Originals won’t be back until the winter season, we couldn’t help but try to get some juicy tidbits out of the show’s cast and executive producer when they stopped by San Diego Comic Con 2016. Unfortunately, the cast had yet to start filming season 5 of the addicting […]