Critical Role: Heartfelt Storytelling Comes from a Bunch of Nerdy Ass Voice Actors Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Critical Role is amazing and if you have any interest in Dungeons & Dragons, good storytelling, improv, or need a good laugh and cry, you should watch it. This article is going to endeavor to crack the secret sauce that made Critical Role’s first campaign so endearing and why it continues to be a hit.

INTERVIEW: Inside PBS’ Webseries “Origin of Everything” with Star Danielle Bainbridge

Nerdophiles got a chance to interview Danielle Bainbridge, the star in PBS’ brainy new webseries, The Origin of Everything. The show explores the historical beginnings of everything from the hashtag to scary clowns. Each episode is incredibly well-researched and the production value is stellar – the visuals and animations alone […]

Wyatt Cenac Brings Comedy & Commentary to the Superhero Genre with His New Webseries, ‘aka Wyatt Cenac’

Wyatt Cenac was my favorite correspondent on The Daily Show. Now I can get my Wyatt Cenac fix again from his new webseries, aka Wyatt Cenac. All six episodes are out now on, and they tell the story of Wyatt, aka The Vicecroy, aka Brooklyn’s neighborhood vigilante. I got to […]