Supernatural returns and the search for tablets, vampires, and brotherly reconciliation continues

  The road so far… is paved with SPOILERS. Proceed with caution. Ding-dong Dick Roman’s dead, but the never-ending frying pan to fire cycle continues for our Winchester boys. So far, season 8 has been angst and flashbacks galore, with Dean busting out of purgatory to find that, in the […]

American Horror Story Is Back to Continue Refusing to Answer Your Questions

AVAST  YE READERS. BEWARE! THERE BE SPOILERS HERE. [youtube=] I thought that at some point over break I would be able to sit down and write an awesome rundown of what had happened this season on American Horror Story: Asylum and what was coming for the last few episodes. It’s […]

My Love Affair with Fringe

Being a person who watches a very large majority of television currently on the network, Fringe might be the one to win weirdest show currently airing. It’s no secret that creator J.J. Abrams has an affinity for the mind benders. Known for famous creations like Alias, Lost, Mission: Impossible 3, Super 8, and the most […]

Game of Thrones Season 3 In Production

[youtube=!] The Game of Thrones fandom is coming in on the home stretch, and yet March still seems so far. Season three will come with a barrage of new characters and new plots. The production video shows the show expanding even further and the producers don’t seem afraid to take […]

Forward Unto Dawn, a pleasant surprise; Blood and Chrome, a foreboding disappointment

[youtube=] [youtube=] There are two things you need to know about me before reading this article. One: I’m not ashamed to say that I am in a love affair with Battlestar Galactica. It started when I was a Freshman in high school and has been ongoing. I am ashamed to say […]

Nikita Season 3 Promo!

[youtube=] Well we’ve waited long enough, Nikita officially comes back for season 3 on October 19th! Season Three promises a lot more punching, more fighting, and more of Nikita. I personally can’t wait to see Nikita and Michael running division as the new Mommy and Daddy. There seems to still […]