Supernatural returns and the search for tablets, vampires, and brotherly reconciliation continues

  The road so far… is paved with SPOILERS. Proceed with caution. Ding-dong Dick Roman’s dead, but the never-ending frying pan to fire cycle continues for our Winchester boys. So far, season 8 has been angst and flashbacks galore, with Dean busting out of purgatory to find that, in the […]

American Horror Story Is Back to Continue Refusing to Answer Your Questions

AVAST  YE READERS. BEWARE! THERE BE SPOILERS HERE. [youtube=] I thought that at some point over break I would be able to sit down and write an awesome rundown of what had happened this season on American Horror Story: Asylum and what was coming for the last few episodes. It’s […]

Personally, I Wouldn’t Add the Collection to My Movie Collection But Hardcore Gore Fans Might Like It

[youtube=] I came to see the Collection as the only person in my group of five who had seen the original. While everyone else had low expectations of the movie and thought it would be like any other senseless slasher film, I had a lot of hope that it might […]