Masamune-Kun No Revenge: How to Get Sweet Revenge on Your Childhood Crush

For your plan you’ll need: A tsundere (for the newcomers: a cold person who gradually develops a warmer disposition). A narcissistic, revenge-obsessed lover scorned who’s prone to emotional outbursts no else seems to notice. A small harem who may or may not offer assistance. A thick revenge plot hinging on […]

Interview: Alien invasions, Hellboy and “The Visitor” with Dark Horse’s Scott Allie

For all the lyrical ghost stories, mutant amphibians, and kaiju-inspired aspects of the outer-gods, and mystically empowered Nazis, the Hellboy universe has rarely touched the realm of extraterrestrials. That all changes, however, with the new miniseries The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed, which explores the life and of an alien, […]