Nerdophiles Remembers Robin Williams

It’s hard to write an article like this. I promised myself I’d get through it without crying and yet here I am sobbing as I read through the submissions of my staff members and other tributes online and on Robin Williams’ IMDB page. His loss has been devastating to generations of […]

Aquaman Volume 1: The Trench Review

Aquaman: Volume 1 The Trench Author: Geoff JohnsArtists: Ivan Reis, Joe PradoRelease Date: September 11, 2012Publisher: DC ComicsSource: Bought and OwnedGenre(s): Action, Drama Rating: ★★★★★Review Spoilers: Medium  Oh, Aquaman. It has been a long time coming that you have found yourself a fresh fan base. Before the new 52, he was ridiculed by most comic readers, and […]

SAFE by Justin Zimmerman is a Wild Ride from Start to Finish

[youtube] Rating: ★★★★★  Summary: How far would you go to keep your family SAFE? A bold new comic take on the horror genre in breathtaking color! Have you ever read a comic that blows your mind and makes you question everything you know? SAFE by Justin Zimmerman packs more into a […]