My Obsession With Vivillon and All It's Forms

It has been a shockingly long time since I have played a Pokemon game.

The last generation I played and enjoyed was the original second one. To this day I still hold that Crystal was the best Pokemon game ever because after that one no Pokemon game ever really seemed worth playing. So, as excited as I was about Pokemon X – and that excitement was based primarily on how awesome it looked – I was a bit wary. I just wasn’t sure I would get into this generation any more than I had any of the previous ones.

But, man, was I ever wrong.

I got seriously into Pokemon X. I mean, seriously into it. I’m forty hours in and I’ve only got four badges. For the very first time I for some reason need to catch them all. And after managing to acquire a Ditto and all the current and original starters I’ve needed to breed them all, too. Part of that need is fueled by a desire to share them with friends but also to trade online.

Actually, let’s be honest. It’s mostly so I can get all the Vivillons.


This is a Vivillon and it’s awesome.

What is Vivillon? It’s a new Pokemon that joined the Pokedex in X and Y. It’s a butterfly Pokemon that evolves from a caterpillar-like Pokemon named Scatterbug which is similar in it’s design and evolution to Caterpie and Weedle before it. It has a grey body and – in the anime at least – primarily pink wings. Except that in the game it doesn’t just come in pink. It comes in eighteen different patterns all dependent on the region where you registered your 3DS. (If you change it to a rare location

I need to have them all.

Why? I don’t know. I never cared about catching them all before. My Pokedex was woefully unfilled and every professor who ever gave me one would no doubt he terribly disappointed by how little attention I paid that aspect of the game. Time time around, though, things are different. I really just want to collect as many Pokemon as possible. But not only that I feel this compelling urge to collect all the Vivillons.

Maybe it’s because my region’s Vivillon was kind of lame. I live in Arizona so my native Vivillons have a primarily orange and brown patter with some yellow and green thrown in for good measure. It’s very Southwestern. But it’s not exactly that pretty. My crowning moment was when I managed to some how track down a Japanese Elegant pattern Vivillon. She’s now leveled in the fifties and the only other permanent member of my team other than my Greninja.

This is my Vivillon and she's beautiful.

This is my Vivillon. I managed to pick up a second Elegant one, too, for a friend via Wonder Trade.

But I have a dream, dear readers.

I have a dream that one day I will be able to battle online with a full team of six maxed out, beautiful Vivillons. I mean, I’d probably lose every battle considering how terribly unbalanced my team’s abilities would be but who cares. Look at how awesome these Pokemon are. I just want them all.

I know. It’s a weird goal for a game that I’m only four badges into but hey. Whatever. Vivillon Rules!

Unfortunate, my goal seems damn near impossible.

No matter what I do I always miss out on GTS trades. I raise every single Scatterbug I get through Wonder Trade and that’s gotten me  three of my patterns but the rest continue to elude me. That’s where you all come in. I need some help here.

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I’ve got eight eleven twelve fourteen sixteen of the eighteen known patterns now but there are still ten seven six four TWO for me to collect. I can offer up any of the following Pokemon in exchange for one of the patterns I still need: Froakie (Protean available), Fennekin, Chespin, Squirtle, Charmander (Solar Flare available), Bulbasaur, Tyrunt, Amaura, Ditto, or either a Garden, Marine, Modern, Elegent, Polar, or High Plains pattern Vivillon – any of which can come with Pokerus as requested!

Monsoon and Sandstorm

I HAVE DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE. I have collected all the Vivillon patterns. Stay tuned for a how-to guide on how you can accomplish the impossible as well!


Picked this up over at IMGUR. Click the image and they’ve also got spreadsheets trying to pinpoint everywhere you can get each pattern, too.